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Jordan, the number one in the Arab region

Ein Blick auf die beste arabische Frauenfußball-Nationalmannschaft, ihre Visionen, Wünsche und Zukunftspläne

Report and interview from Marion Kehren

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January 24, 2010    The number one in the ranking of the Arab world (current FIFA ranking 52, Asia-ranking position 12) had been made much! For the first time in Jordan's history the women's national team wanted to establish the qualification for the finals of a World Cup. But, unfortunately it did not work and the footballers must once again take, at the upcoming World Cup in Germany, the viewers role.

But the team needs not to be ashamed on the lost chances. The Jordanian women's national team is much better and ahead than some other national teams in the Arab world. It seemed at its inception in the year 2005 to be not so clear. But sceptics were quickly disabused. In their first competition at the Asian Indoor Soccer Championships Jordan finished right away in third place and in the years 2005 and 2007 proved the ladies of the Hashemite Kingdom of even place 1 in the West Asian Championships (WAFF - West Asian Football Federation Championship).

Hallensieger Jordanien

Great joy of the Jordanian team, when they back up again the indoor soccer championship

Photo: Archiv Stephanie Mazen Al Naber

Whether playing futsal, at invitation tournament, Asian Championships, the women and girls national football teams of Jordan are everywhere found. Star of the national team is Stephanie Mazen Al Naber, the only Jordanian woman who´s playing football in a foreign league and has a professional contract. The 22-year-old midfielder is engaged in the service of the Danish Cup Winner and Master Fortuna Hjørring. But also the young 20-year-old striker Ziad Maysa Jbara now sends her dream into action and wants to play in Europe and is already on the lookout for a suitable club.

Training Center

Talent Training Center for girls in Amman

Photo: (Privatarchiv Monika Staab)

Jordan is very focused for decades on the West and it shows also quickly to the cessation of the families who are mighty proud that their daughters, wives and sisters are playing football. Only a few players kick with the traditional hijab, with a headscarf and long, wide jogging pants. Most of them are either going to school or students and have thereby the opportunity to focus on the sport.

A large role in the emancipation of women increases with certainty through the wife of King Abdullah II (Abdullah bin al-Hussein), Queen Rania al-Yasin, better known as "Rania of Jordan". She is regarded as the "Lady Di" of the Middle East and is heavily involved in issues of women and children, especially for equal rights and education.

Frauenfußball Nationalmannschaft Jordanien 2009

The topical cadre (2009) of the Jordanian women national team

Photo: Archiv Stephanie Mazen Al Naber

Many of them would know her better as patron of the CHIO in Aachen, but not later than granting with the award of Bambi in 2007. Only a few weeks ago Rania was also honoured for her commitment to the campaign "1GOAL - Education for All" at the FIFA World Player Gala 2009 with the FIFA Presidential Award.

It is unfortunately still in the funds to promote the national football team and the local league enough. So there is still a search to find a large, financially strong sponsor for the league, because only sponsored by the money of the Asian Association of AFC is that not possible. The Jordanian Association JFA supports the women's as good as they can, they did not wait long on the initial successes.


L.t.r.: Khalil Al Salem (General Secretary of the Jordanian Football Association), Monika Stab (FIFA-Consultant), Reema Ramoniah (Jordanian National Player and Administrator) and Rana Husseini (Women Committee)

Photo: (Privatarchiv Monika Staab)

Of course, there are different views in terms of women - football - budget - religion, etc., but Jordan is showing a lot more cosmopolitan, because of its geographical position has caused the land of many different religions and living standards.


Visit to the Mayor of Amman, in order to discuss ways of improving the joint cooperation for the benefit of women's football. Left to right: Monika Staab, Rana Husseini, Amer Al Basheer (Deputy Mayor of Amman) and Reema Ramoniah

Photo: (Privatarchiv Monika Staab)

The success of the senior national team and the youth can be proud of. Thus, Jordan also has a U-19, U-16 and U-14 girl´s selection. In addition, the association maintains four talent-

training camps in which up to 25 to 30 players have the opportunity to combine school and football.

"Jordan has made in recent years, extreme progress," said the FIFA Consultant Monika Staab. "Now is the time to make it clear to the clubs, that men's clubs also include a wife teams in their ranks. This would at least ensure that consolidated structures and could be a better financial base for the women's section. Thanks to various support including the AFC, till yet it was possible to establish five full-time coaches for various youth national teams and for the A-team itself. Also the Jordanian Association has now since some time two full-timers who take care of the administrative activities.


Concerning the local league (founded also in 2005) there are currently 8 teams (divided into two groups) who are fighting for the Championship. At the end of the season the top two clubs in each group k.o. - System plays each other. The winner will be automatically adorned with the title Jordanian Champion. In the last 5 years won only the Shabab Al Ordon Club, based in Amman, the Championship and underlines its exceptional position in women football. On the second and third places followed in the last season of the Orthodox Club and Club of Amman, also both from the capital. To the great surprise, it is not uncommon that up to 500 spectators travel to their respective championship games!

There is still much to be done, but the Jordanian Association is on the way pressing the women football - and who knows, maybe one day there is the possibility for the girls and women to leave the heavy competition from Asia behind.

I would like to thank especially to Monika Staab (FIFA consultant) and Reema Ramoniah (Jordanian national goalkeeper and Administrator at the Jordanian Football Association) for their support and feedback, without their help this report would never have arisen.

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